World's first Loop for Karts

What so far has only been possible in video games now becomes reality: MackManiac is the first to offer the possibility to not only use your E-Kart for conventional races, but also to actively drive it through loops and corkscrews, overcoming spectacular moves with up to 6 G-Forces. Up to now this experience has only been possible by riding a common rollercoaster in which you are strapped into and which is remotely operated.

Only the bravest and most adventurous will overcome this challenge as any hesitation or fear will lead to failure. But do not worry as should your incentive leave you the Kart will be safely guided back out.

MackManiac – Pilot Alina in action during the film production
MackManiac – Pilot Alina in front of the loop

At special intersections you have the choice to follow our accelaration paths leading to our attractions. One ore more of these intersections may be implemented into into any conventional racing course. While actively driving through loops, corkscrews or other attractions your kart is safely guided on both sides. Further, there is an electronically controlled barrier installed at the beginning of each acceleration path leading to the actual attraction, which ensures that only one kart is driving through the attraction at a time.

MackManiac – Pilot Alina in the accelerations path

MackManiac attractions are exclusively permitted by use of the MackManiac e-kart only. All Karts used for driving through a MackManiac attraction are especially modified in regards to electronical and sensorical components in order to guarantee a safe experience and to ensure limited speed accelerations.

Last but not least all karts are equipped with special security belts which ensure safe and tight fit during your ride.

MackManiac – MadMack & Pilot Alina

The entire underlying technology has already been registered for patent approval.

Theme parks, kart course operators or showman who are interested now have the possibility to visit us and to experience MackManiac live at our premises in Nuremberg, Germany. Kindly contact us to register.

MackManiac – MadMack & the development-team

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